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I've tried several setting options with no result. Is there a way to avoid these spaces? Thanks in advance! What I got so far: SET ECHO OFF; SET NEWP 0 SPACE 0 PAGES 0 FEED OFF HEAD OFF TRIMS OFF TRIM OFF TAB OFF; set colsep ''; set lines 130; spool myfile.csv SELECT * FROM SOME_TABLE; spool off; This goes inside a call to sqlplus. oracle spool. share improve this question follow edited ... Oracle SQLcl (SQL Developer Command Line) is a Java-based command-line interface for Oracle Database. Using SQLcl, you can execute SQL and PL/SQL statements interactively or as as a batch file. SQLcl provides inline editing, statement completion, command recall, and also supports existing SQL*Plus scripts. Hello Tom is there anyway to do a query in sql*plus, then have the result output to a file in *.csv or .*.txt format without invoking UTL_FILE, using only sql*plus command. Oracle provides its own set of tools to replicate Oracle and integrate it with other databases. In this post, you will explore the tools provided by Oracle as well as open-source tools that can be used for the Oracle database replication by implementing custom code. Methods For Oracle Database Replication. Replicating Oracle to other data warehouses can be done in five ways: Method 1: Using A ... SPOOL Command. Note: The SPOOL command is unavailable in the browser-based SQL*Plus version, iSQL*Plus. To generate files while using iSQL*Plus, change the necessary preference settings to directly output to a file. With our settings taken care of, now we must tell SQL*Plus to output a file. This is accomplished using the SPOOL statement. Hi, I run a query: set pagesize 0 --set feedback off set verify off spool file1.txt select col1 from mytable; At the end of file1.txt I have. Skip navigation. Oracle . Browse. Log in; Register; Go Directly To ; Home; News; People; Search; Search Cancel. More discussions in SQL & PL/SQL. This discussion is archived. 1 2 Previous Next 19 Replies Latest reply on Apr 25, 2019 9:30 AM by ... Spool the sql to a file. We are expecting to get *41 OD OA 41* in file when view by binary, but we got *41 OD OD OA 41*. Oracle server is on UNIX, File is generated on windows. Is there a way to solve this problem without change the sql statemnt (such as add replace function)? thanks OR_BINARY_DOUBLE= LIBNAME Statement Option Tree level 5. Node 120 of 194 . OR_ENABLE ... Data Set Options Tree level 4. Node 3 of 5 . Macro Variables ... Differrent Character set and NLS Hi TOM, Some question on Character set and NLS.1) What is the different between US7ASCII and WE8ISO8859P1 character set and NLS?2) Is there any problem for the DB with two diferrent character sets to interact, - trigger - dblink - export and import accross the DB.3) In your opi Oracle Database Tips by Donald BurlesonJune 11, 2015. Question: I have a script where I have my line delimiter set at 320 but I must keep my line size at 420. The output files are generated with linesize of 420, whereas the delimiter ends at column 320, the remainder of the line is filled with training spaces. How do you remove trailing spaces from Oracle sqlplus output? Answer: It is the ...

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